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About Us




Set up by visionary and forward thinker, Andaman Connections continues to remain true to its original vision — that of making a choice where travel is both easy and affordable. We were still no where as a service provider till 2003 and started its operation in Feb of 2003 for providing tourism services for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The company continued to be innovative in its schemes and packages while adding new Island destinations. Over the past 14 years Andaman Connections has delighted travellers by offering an entire gamut of travel-related services, so travellers can indulge in a complete experience which they can cherish for an entire life time.

Andaman Connections is run by a team of professionals, offering personalized services, customized holiday packages of the highest quality, guaranteeing value for money, and unforgettable travel experiences.


What we say about Andaman Connections?

What makes us unique, is the fact that we are purely a TOURISM SERVICE PROVIDER for and from Andaman and Nicobar Islands (INDIA).


Why Travellers Love us

We understand that no two travellers are alike, so we go that extra mile to customize packages for each and every traveller. Our experience staff makes sure that they gather everything in terms of convenience, style of travel, pricing | Budget to customize the package. We offer customers the widest range of travel options to suit all budgets. Being the strongest ground service provider and hotel consolidators we enabled customers to experience hassle-free holidays.


Our Vision

Our vision is to build a theme of “Being Together” with innovative products, itineraries and newer pop ups for spots…., and reaching out to every segment of the travel needs. As east countries continues to remain the most popular destination, owing to its proximity and easy accessibility from India and affordable pricing, we are actively promoting tours to Andaman and Nicobar Islands (India) as this is still a Virgin Island, to be discovered. We have also started a Luxury Travel Division catering to the discerning customer. This division offers customers an exclusive range of high end vacation options and actively promotes Fishing, Scuba Diving, and Beach Holiday with special cruise for Island Transfers, Barren Island Trips and many more…..


24 X 7 Service Support Team:

Our Team is ready any time to serve you, no matter what the distance of mishap is, we assure you that if intimated we will reach there with no time.


We are super expert in crises management, basically when there are natural calamaty hits, everything here comes to a stop, only smart and “JUGAAD INNOVATION” people can handle such situations. Our Company staff is Posted at each Island and are trained to peacefully and professionally manage such situations.



Locals from Andaman or Andaman by Locals


No One can explain you better than what we can. 99% of our team member is Born and brought up in the Islands only, we know all the directions of the Island and are well aware of FLORA and FUNA, Locations, Do and Donts of the Islands.


As a Locals we would say, Andamans beauty is not built or crafted by Humans, but it holds the nature created beauty, which is now found very less in the Planet earth.

The label of Local on us makes us to have our own fleet of vehicle, well experienced local coordinators, Super experienced team to manage the Corporate groups, and finnally the local contacts.

You can trust us and see some images before you confirm any services.


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