Rangat Island is known for its picturesque views and tropical and dense forests. It contains some of the best beaches and waterfalls. It is around 160 km from Port Blair and takes about 8 hours to reach.

Rangat is famous for Cutbert Bay Beach, Amkunj Bay Beach, Dhaninala, Long Island, and Morice Dera.

These islands are very lightly populated and not visited by many tourists. Therefore, these virgin beaches are untouched and undeveloped and offer delightful experiences to nature lovers and island wanderers.


Amkunj Beach

Amkunj beach is artistic and picturesque. Small huts are built to provide shade and rest to visitors. It is one of the cleanest beaches in the Andaman Islands and ideal for unwinding with nature. The beach is characterized with crystal clear water and rocky black sand. The peaceful atmosphere also makes for a good bird watching session of endemic and migratory birds of the island.

Cutbert Bay Beach

Cutbert Bay is famous for its golden sandy beaches and the nesting Olive Ridley and Leatherback Turtle. This place is ideal for relaxing within palms, fresh wind, and reveling in the glory of nature. It is one of the most peaceful locations to be. The beach has promoted the use of eco-huts.

Moricedera Beach

Moricedera Beach offers a tranquil and breathtaking experience. The beach is not ideal for swimming as it is very rocky. You can indulge in photography and enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature. There are no facilities such as shops or restaurants, so you are advised to carry your water and food. Be careful not to litter the beach!

Dhaninala Beach & Mangroves

Dhaninallah Beach is one of the most stunning nature walkaways and beaches on Rangat Island. It is about 18 km aways The peaceful beach is ideal for swimming and sightseeing. The Dhaninallah Mangroves, being 713m long, is the longest in the country. The diversity of mangroves nests various marine animals such as crabs, shrimps, and fish. It is also a paradise for birdwatchers. Mangroves constitute a unique habitat for wild animals and birds.

Long Island

Long Island is a small island of about 18 km sq. located in the North and Middle Andaman district, detached from the mainland. To reach this island, you have to board one of the speed boats from Yeratta Jetty at Rangat Island. One of the best activities for adventure lovers is trekking to Lalaji Bay. The beautiful beach is known for its magnificent view of the mangroves and sometimes a sight of dolphins.

Yerrata Mangrove Interpretation Centre

This mangrove centre was developed by the Department of Environment and Forests to provide information and create awareness about the significance of mangroves. The 13m high Mangrove View Watch Tower provides an exceptional panoramic view of the mangroves.