As many travelers and bloggers have started exploring places on their own, it is necessary to have complete knowledge about your destination.

We recommend you take the help of a well-recognized local travel company for your holiday to the Andaman Islands so that they can guide you perfectly with a complete itinerary along with a satisfying staying option and other activities. Additionally, to prepare best for your trip:

Plan the number of days in your itinerary as per your desired holiday

It is necessary to interpret the places you are planning to visit in the islands and plan the duration to cover as many sites as possible. We will help you in preparing a detailed itinerary suiting your budget. 

Plan your budget

Planning the budget for the trip is the primary part of organizing a trip. Dividing daily expenses as per your budget will help you picture your trip.  

Booking flights and Hotels

Book your flights and hotels well on time to avoid unavailability and high cost at the last minute. As the price can shoot up, book your flights before a month or so for the best price. Since there are lesser hotels in the Andaman Islands, they sell out rapidly. There are lesser chances of getting accommodation at hotels at the last minute in December and January since it is the peak season on the islands. 

Carry your identity proof, passport, and Restricted Area Permission (for foreign nationals)

Non-Indians need to get a Restricted Area Permission (RAP) before entering the Andaman Islands. This procedure can be done at the Airport at the time of arrival. Citizens of India, do not need visa or any sort of permissions for visiting the islands.

Your identity proof is needed while checking in at the hotels and traveling inter-island. You might have to show ids at some tourist places, such as museums and a few reserved areas. 

Things to carry in the Andaman Islands

Pack slippers, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreens for a trip to the islands, as you will visit the beaches mostly. As there is a tropical weather in the islands, it can also get very hot humid. We suggest you to wear the lightest clothes and wear hats to protect yourself from the sun.