Before arriving, you might have researched what to do while in the Andaman Islands, but if you haven’t done enough research on what not to do, here are some tips:


Always read the noticeboard to check all information about the place before entering the sea. Do not swim in deep water and outside the sight of the lifeguards. In case of emergency, you could seek the help of the guards and other officials present at the beach.

You will come across beautiful shells, stones, and corals at the beach; however, picking them up and taking them with you is considered stealing and is a punishable offense. If you like, you could purchase the same from the local shops and keep the bills with you, which you would need to show at the airport while leaving the islands. 

If you are doing any underwater activity such as Scuba diving and undersea walking, do not touch or destroy the corals and other sea animals. Maintain the marine ecosystem, which has always been the priority for the islanders. 


Do not visit any government-restricted areas unless you have special permission. Kindly respect the environment and do not harm any element of the biodiversity as what might be a small plant to us can be a home to many creatures. 

If you are visiting the North Andaman Islands, you will see the indigenous tribe in the reserved forest area. You are not allowed to interact with them in any way such as taking their pictures or videos, offering them food, or talking to them.


Always read the notice board before entering any tourist places. If you are entering a restricted area, do not take pictures or videos without permission from government officials. 

While visiting Baratang Island, do not capture pictures or videos of the tribes.


Hunting of any animals or birds is strictly prohibited in the Andaman Islands. It is a punishable offense. 


You cannot light a bonfire at any beach or forest as this can destroy an ecosystem. As per the hotels and resorts they do the same in their premises.


No drugs is bought or sold in the Andaman Islands. If you are found buying drugs illigally, you will face serious punishments.