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Parrot Island Visit

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Parrot Island:

The island you are referring to is called “Parrot Island or some local calls it as Tota Dweep” which is known for its unique and fascinating phenomenon involving thousands of parrots landing every evening. Located near Baratang Jetty in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, It is approximately 120 km north of Port Blair.

The mystery that draws attention to this island is the massive gathering of parrots as the sun sets. Initially, a small group of around three-five parrots flies over the island and departs. Soon after, another group arrives for a brief inspection. In just ten minutes, an incredible sight unfolds as birds start arriving from all directions, eventually settling down in the Island. This daily spectacle attracts thousands of parrots, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

The Island is just max 3-4 Meters from the sea level


  • 1: Mangrove ride.
  • 2: Best sight for nature lovers.
  • 3: Sun Set view from the mangrove

Board the Boat
Board the Boat

Board the boat to the Island, Make sure that we are fixed with file Jackets.
The best time to leave is 1600 Hrs, and Return will be approx 1800 Hrs.

Enjoy The Mangrove ride
Enjoy The Mangrove ride

Embarking on this journey to the breathtaking location, one can truly appreciate the mesmerizing beauty of the sprawling mangrove landscape. The serene atmosphere and the awe-inspiring view of nature's splendor create an ambiance that is both humbling and heartwarming. This enchanting place has the power to touch our souls and foster a deep connection with the environment, ultimately making us fall in love with its tranquility and natural charm.

  • 1: Boat to Parrot Island and Return.
  • 2: Permit.
  • 3: Tour Guide cum Operator on the Boat.
  • 1: Snacks on Board.

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Will children's enjoy this trip.
Yes they will, as we have a boat ride through the mangroves, which children's will love.. and a celestial mood of sunset.. yes one need to wait for birds to land,, so some cookies will help the children's to keep calm.


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