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City Tour (5 points), Port Blair

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The driver will pick you up from your respective hotel and take you on a city tour, consisting of 5 significant points at Port Blair.  The point are:

  1. National Memorial Cellular Jail

The National Memorial Cellular Jail showcases the history and the Indian freedom movement during the British Era in the islands. This jail was the colonial prison and a penitentiary for the revolutionaries who revolted against the British. Thus, it is also known as Kalapani. This national memorial consists of a museum, an art gallery, and a photo exhibition.


2. Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is designed to create awareness of the various aspects of the oceanic ecosystem. It is located at the northern end of Port Blair, at Haddo. There are several aspects to the museums, such as the geographical history of the islands, the tribes, different corals and shells, and an aquarium containing numerous fish and sea animals.


3. Zonal Anthropological Museum

The Zonal Anthropological Museum endures spreading awareness about the history and cultures of the tribal communities in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The four Negrito Tribes of the islands include the Andaman’s Jarawas, Sentinelese, Great Andamanese, and Onges, and two Mongoloid Tribes of the Nicobar’s Nicobarese and the Shompens.


4. Fisheries Museum

The Fisheries Museum is located near the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. It is now turned into an aquarium that comprises over 350 species of marine animals. The display contains both live and specimens of the preserved animals such as shellfish, corals, crabs, sharks, and starfish. The most attractive is the life-sized skeletons of a dolphin and whale. The museum is very similar to the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum at Haddo.


5. Chatham Saw Mill

The Chatham Saw Mill is the largest and the oldest in Asia. Set up in 1883, with the intent to provide saw and timber for constructional purposes and other industries across the globe. It is located at Chatham Island, connected to Port Blair by a 100 meters long bridge. The mill holds a great value of history as showcased in its museum with pictures of its different phases.

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