Radhanagar Beach of Swaraj Dweep or Havelock Island, in the Andaman Islands, is referred to as the best beach in the Andaman Islands. Which other beaches are the islanders fond of?

Radhanagar Beach

The beach is a piece of heaven for nature lovers, adventure travelers, and island hoppers. Radhanagar Beach is an ideal tropical beach. If you crave exotic beaches in India, the Andaman Islands are your stop as no other destination in the country is equivalent.

The route to the beach itself is an adventure ride through a dense forest. The undeveloped roads and little shacks catch your eyes as you make your way towards the beach. The sign welcomes you at the entrance, after which you get the first glimpse of the exquisite beach. The panoramic view of the beach stretched across as far as your eyes can see. It is a promise that you would have never seen such blue and clear water on any other beach in India. (As you enter, a mere tip is to take off your shoes, and you will be amazed by how soft the sand is)


Radhanagar beach is awarded the 7th best beach in Asia by the Times Magazine and ranks 5th on the Trip Advisor Asia. And undoubtedly one of the best beaches you will visit in your visit to the Andaman Islands. 

The Islanders’ favorite beaches

The islanders know every corner of the islands, as far as one is allowed to be. When asked about their favorite beach of the Andaman Islands, it was surprising to notice that most of them did not pick Radhanagar Beach. 

Ross and Smith Islands win the tag, according to the islanders. The islands are the gems of the North Andaman Islands. This part is hardly visited by tourists because of the very long journey and not enough time to cover all the other important tourist spots in South Andaman.

These famous islands are also known as the ‘twin islands’ which are divided by a broad strip of sand. During low tides, it becomes a pathway connecting the two islands, and high tides separate two making them individual islands. You will be thrilled looking at the photos of the islands, and visiting the site is a dream come true for many.

North and Middle Andaman also hold Long Island, Parrot Island, Avis Island, and Parrot Island admired amongst the islanders.

The other favorites include the radiant tri-beaches of Shaheed Dweep (Neil Island); Laxmanpur, Bharatpur, and Sitapur Beach. One of the most loved beaches of the islanders in Port Blair is Bada Balu, which means ‘big sand’, which is secret lying on the other side of Chidiyatapu Beach. It is yet to be seen by many. Since the route is troublesome and vehicles cannot take you to the entrance of the beach, so one has to walk more than 2Kms to get there. Recently crocodiles have also been sighted at the location, which adds to the reasons not to visit the beach. Wandoor Beach is also a renowned beach for sunsets and a peaceful nature walk, and accessible by tourists.

Why aren’t they famous?

The reason for them not being a tourist spot is because of the hard commutation and unavailability of many resources around the beaches. Most of the beaches do not have any shops or eateries around, so it would be difficult to even buy a bottle of water from nearby!

How to go?

If you are enthusiastic about discovering new places and making the most of your trip to the Andaman Islands, we are here to guide you in doing so! Book your stay for as long as you can and keep leisure timings in your itinerary. If you are prepared for an adventure we promise to make it the best of your lifetime!


1 . Which beach is awarded the 7th beach in Asia?

Radhanagar Beach at Swaraj Dweep or Havelock Island is awarded the 7th beach in Asia, by Times Magazine.

2. How is Radhanagar Beach?

Radhanagar Beach is an ideal beach with pure white silky sand and turquoise blue water, resting in the arms of dense vegetation and clear blue sky.

3. How can I go to Radhanagar Beach?

Radhanagar Beach is located in Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island). You have to board a cruise from Port Bliar, which is a ride of about one and a half hours. Upon reaching Havelock Island, it is only about a car ride of 20 minutes to the beach.