There is always a debate between Goa and the Andamans concerning planning a trip within India. You must have asked a lot of people and searched online for the answer to this. We have a few reasons why you should choose the Andamans over a trip to Goa;

In terms of beauty and serenity, the Andaman wins the battle. The islands have one of the most amazing beaches. Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island is the 7th best beach in Asia. Picture-perfect moments and a feeling that you belong to this place will haunt your mind everywhere you go.

For nature lovers, the place is a paradise! The Andaman is truly a masterpiece of Mother Nature’s creations. There are lush green forests, heavenly beaches, and mountains so rich and untouched. The breathtaking marine ecosystem makes it unparalleled from the other destinations in India.

It is remarkably safe for families, couples, groups, or solo travelers to holiday in the Andaman Islands. The strong Force in the islands comprises a tri-command of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The crime rate is so low, that it’s one of the safest places in India. Most of all, the islanders are extremely helpful and courteous.

The Andaman Islands have a variety of types of vacations to choose from. It has so much beyond the beaches to discover. Whatever may be the goal of the traveler is, they are undoubtedly satisfied. Many places offer a range of adventure activities such as water sports, trekking, bird watching, game fishing, and island hopping. If you want to have a lovely romantic vacation, with picturesque sea-facing rooms and candlelight dinner on the beach, the Andaman Islands is just the right place to be. There is much to learn from the historic islands, museums, and nature, which a person seeking an Educational trip to the islands will want to return to.

The islands are declared to offer one of the best water sports activities in the country. With the exquisite untouched corals and vibrant living organisms inhabiting the undersea, and with great professional instructors guiding you, it’s a heaven for adventurers. 

If you’re looking forward to trying some delightful seafood and refreshing cocktails as you gaze at the setting sun and feel the fresh wind on you, choosing the Andaman Islands for your next trip is a must! You will acquire a taste of the islands’ locally prepared food and drinks pleasing your taste buds.