Baratang Island

About Baratang Island

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands contain the only active volcanoes in India. Lying 150 kilometers away from Port Blair, Baratang Island holds the magnificent limestone cave and the mud volcanoes.

It takes about 4 hours to reach Baratang Island by driving through the dense reserved forest. You might also be able to see the indigenous Jarawa tribes on the way.

The way to the limestone cave is an adventure. Your boat will take you through dense mangrove creeks where you can admire picturesque coastline covered with mangrove forests. Upon reaching the cave, you will find limestones with various attractive formations on the cave walls and hanging from the roof. It is completely dark inside the cave; therefore, you will require a torch to see inside.

The other attraction in Baratang Island is the mud volcanoes. These volcanoes are small muddy pits formed due to the emission of natural gases, which push the decaying organic matter from underground, resulting in bubbles.

A day trip to Baratang is suggested for friends and families visiting the Andaman Islands, to experience the nature and beauty of the Islands.



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